Pure golf pleasure in the heart of the picturesque Waldviertel!

Two small creeks and idyllic natural ponds form the special character of the 18-hole-championship-golf course at the Diamond Club Ottenstein. The course guarantees variety and full-grown beauties, open meadows, dense forests and hilly landscapes. The top maintained course pleases with its diversified design and the wonderful location. The Diamond Club Ottenstein represents a harmonic and atmospheric holiday and free-time experience in one of Austria’s most beautiful golf regions.

Golf has been played at the first nine holes of the Diamond Club Ottenstein – designed by architect Keith Preston – already from the year 1991. 1995 the second nine holes – this time designed by architect Hans-Georg Erhardt – were added. The top-maintained 18-hole bird course offers some very memorable holes, six greens with water obstacle and pleases every golf heart with its varied design and its wonderful location.

Kids are free to play on our 18-hole course until the age of 14.

18-hole Bird Course
(for members and guests)
Greenfee 2021
18-hole Greenfee 
Monday - Friday EUR 70,-
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday EUR 80,-
18-hole Sunset-Greenfee 
Monday - Friday EUR 39,-
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday EUR 48,-
9-Loch Greenfee 
Monday - Friday EUR 40,-
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday EUR 45,-

18-Loch Greenfee Studenten (bis 26 Jahre)

Monday - Friday EUR 40,-

Saturday, Sunday & Holiday EUR 45,-

Driving Range

The Driving Range is free.

32 Stk. Rangeballs EUR 2,-

Costs for Trolleys and E-Carts

18-hole E-Cart EUR 30,-

9-hole E-Cart EUR 19,-

18-hole E-Trolley EUR 15,-

9-hole E-Trolley EUR 9,-

18/9-hole Pull-Trolley EUR 5,-



Out of Bounds: white stakes / white lines

Ground in repair: blue stakes / white lines

Water obstacle head-on: yellow stakes / yellow lines

Water obstacle sideward: red stakes / red lines


Water obstacles (rule 26)

Both ponds between alleys 1 and 18 as well as between 4 and 6 are considered ONE water obstacle. If a ball behind or on the side of the greens 1, 2, 3, 4, 13 or 14 is in a RED labeled water obstacle or if it is identified or sure not to have been found in the water obstacle it can be treated according to rule 26; or as additional choice, a ball with a penalty shot can be dropped in the drop-zone.

Ground in repair (rule 25-1)

Allowed to be played on


Stones in bunkers/sand obstacles (rule 24-1)

Are mobile obstacles


Non-mobile obstacles (rule 24-2)

All shelter shacks/reinforced trees

All tracks within the course


Out of Bounds (rule 27)

Left of alleys 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Right of alleys 13 und 16


Distance stakes (middle of fairway - beginning of green)

White: 200 m

Yellow: 150 m

Red: 100 m


Flag positions

White flag: backmost third of the green

Yellow flag: middle third of the green

Red flag: foremost third of the green



Correct pitch marks immediately! Remove bunker tracks! Put divots back and tread down! Play swiftly and efficiently!

Watch total playing time! Let faster lights run through! If a ball which is looked for and is obviously not to be found immediately, following players must be indicated to pass by immediately.

Diamond Club Ottenstein

Niedergrünbach 60 | 3532 Rastenfeld, Österreich | T: +43 2826 74 76 | F: +43 2826 74 76 - 4 | info@golfclub-ottenstein.at

Opening Hours: Reception daily from 09:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m. | Restaurant daily from 09:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. 

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